Happy Memorial Day Weekend! To celebrate, I have a trendy handmade necklace from Haitian Jewels to give away sponsored by 107 Market Street! 107 Market Street is a company that focuses on supplying stylish goods handmade by artisans from around the world in order to support family preservation.


Once in a while, I get a chance to get away and spend some time with friends. This past year I was able to attend a conference for adoptive and foster mamas called Created for Care. It was an amazing opportunity and so refreshing. While I was there, I spent some time shopping for my kids at the vendor booths. I met some amazing businesses doing great things for artisans around the world; helping to improve conditions of poverty and to preserve families. Truly, to solve this orphan crisis, we also need to find ways to keep families together. This is what supporting artisans and families around the world really means.

107 Market Street is a business from which I purchased a gift for my son, Mack. Months earlier, Mack told me about a unit he studied in school on Leonardo da Vinci. I encouraged Mack, at the time, to begin a journal like da Vinci where he sketched his ideas and inventions. I made a mental note to look for a journal that Mack could use, something special that he could keep and remember through adulthood. I found the perfect journal at 107 Market Street. The journal was made in Haiti by a man named Benson who works for 2nd Story Goods.


The leather journal has unlined pages and is perfect for doodling and taking notes. It is sturdy and durable which was completely necessary for my 8 year old son! The elastic strap is a convenient and will not tear from the notebook since it is woven under the leather. Each leather cover is unique and full of character and texture. It can be wiped clean easily.

Mack lit up when I handed him his gift, he loves his journal. His journal entries have not only given him opportunity to tease his siblings with silly drawings, but they have opened up conversations with Mack about his ideas, his creativity, and his unique perspective and it has given me opportunity to encourage Mack in his abilities and passions, even though I still do not understand Minecraft.


So, recently, when 107 Market Street asked if I would be willing to review the journal and do a giveaway, of course I said, “Yes!”

As a thank you for hosting the giveaway, they sent me a gift of a beautiful woven headband. The headband was made in Guatemala by a woman named Sylvia who works with One Loom. The thing that makes me happy about this headband is that it actually fits on my huge melon and it also stays put because it has a soft velvet lining. With most headbands, I get headaches because they are too tight, but this one is so comfy and it looks great with lots of different colors. It also made my kids happy because it gave them ample opportunity to tease me when I tried to wear it like a “hippie.” They keep me in check so that I do not embarrass them.


Now for the giveaway…

They sent me this very trendy, super cool, leather and aluminum cross necklace to give my readers! The necklace was made by a woman, Chrismate, from Haiti’s Jewels. Crismate uses the money she makes from these necklaces to provide an education for her son. I love this necklace and I think you are going to love it too! It is especially great to wear as a reminder of those who are working hard in poverty stricken countries simply to provide for their family’s basic needs. Perhaps it will remind you to look for other ways in which you can use your resources to support artisans and help encourage family preservation.



There are several ways you can enter to win the cross necklace from this post…

The most important part to remember when you enter is to comment on the post and tell me what you have done. You will get one entry for each:

Liking my Excuse Our Mess Facebook page or follow me on Instagram

Liking 107 Market Street’s page or follow them on Instagram

Liking the giveaway post on Facebook or Instagram

Sharing the giveaway post on Facebook

For each friend tagged to the post on Facebook or Instagram

That is it! The contest will close on Thursday, June 2nd and I will do the drawing on Friday, June 3rd, 2016. I will post the name of the winner on my Facebook page and I will send you a private message on Facebook if you have won!

Have fun!

* I was not paid to advertise for 107 Market Street.