Hey fellow adoptive mama! I’m Erin. I’m writing this post today because I was asked to share what it’s like to have a large family by adoption. In the world of adoption, my family is considered fairly mid-sized: six kids and two parents. In March 2015, I jumped from mama of four to six when my husband and I adopted for the first time. Our kids are now ages 12, 9, 8, 6, 6, and 3, the youngest basically being developmental triplets.


We adopted our two six-year-old daughters from China, and they both have Down syndrome. People often comment about the size of our family and ask me how I do it. If you were sitting in front of me and asking me the same questions, I would first tell you that this has been a year of survival for me. Let’s say it together, “SUR-VI-VAL.” Then, I might tell you about a few practical ways we manage our home, and while I have implemented some time saving tips into my life – mostly like buying cereal and lowering my general standards – I am not convinced that any actually are legit or “pinworthy.” I decided to write you a letter instead. Here’s to you, new mama by adoption, who suddenly has what feels like a large family, whether you have two kids or twelve.

My Beautiful, Broken Friend:

Sweet friend, you are exhausted. I want to wrap you up in my arms and hug you. It is okay that you are not enough. Listen. Pretend that you are looking in my eyes, I am earnestly pleading with you right now; remember who you are and take a breath. You are daughter of our Lord and Savior, King and Creator of the universe, Most High and Holy Father God. He is holding you now as He held you from the very beginning. Remember back when you first had this idea in your heart for adoption? That was Him. Remember the late nights while you filled out paperwork and waited for LOA and LID and DTC? Remember the times you didn’t know if you would have the money to pay for the next fees and yet you accomplished every step and goal? It was through His strength and by His grace and by His provision. Now, take a drink of coffee and sit down because this is not going to be easy. There are four things you need to remember as you manage this new family of yours: Click here to read more on No Hands But Our’s…