Welcome! I’m glad you’re here! I’m Erin…

The name of the blog, “Excuse Our Mess,” comes from the idea that life and love, as played out in the reality of this world, is messy. Seeking and finding love and beauty amidst the mess is part of our journey. The mess of life is not something we can clean up, control, or erase, it is only in its brokenness that we are able to embrace truth and truly love.

I began this blog with a love for writing and honesty and not much else. I am married to my college sweetheart, a stay at home mom of six children, and an educator by degree and spirit. In March of 2015 we adopted our daughters, Grace and Josie, from China; both happen to have Down syndrome. My long-term goal is to develop this blog as a resource for parents and individuals in the process of advocating for themselves or their child with special needs as well as a resource for information about adoption…with random bits of my thoughts about life thrown in for good measure.

“Will you come with me to the mountains? It will hurt at first, until your feet are hardened. Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows. But will you come?”-C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce