Isn’t this an attractive Christmas wall hanging from Ballard’s?

holiday sign

Here is my final product. It was easy, inexpensive, and I’ll give you a free printable pattern!

P1100749 (480x640)

Step 1: Start by printing the pattern. Click on the link and save it to your computer. I cropped the image into 8.5 x 11 sections and then taped them together to make a 28 x 8.5 banner. If you want it to be bigger, just crop it into smaller sections at one time. Print your pattern and tape it together.

P1100732 (480x640)

Step 2: Cut a section of burlap a little bigger than the pattern, making sure to leave about two inches on the top and the bottom. Then, tape the pattern to the burlap, print side facing fabric. The lettering will show through the burlap.

P1100733 (640x480)

Step 3: Use a paint marker to trace the lettering and the border of the sign. I used “Painters Red Rouge Rojo”.

P1100734 (640x480)

I liked to trace a border around the thicker lettering and then fill it in.

P1100735 (640x480)

You will want a paper towel handy so that you can pick off burlap threads that shed onto your marker. It is best to dab and color in short strokes so that you don’t pick up a bunch of threads.

P1100736 (640x480)

Step 4: Trim the extra fabric from your banner on each side.

Step 5: Cut two pieces of dowel sized to fit your banner. The bottom dowel should be just a little bit wider than your banner. The top dowel should be about one inch wider on each side if you make yours the same size as mine or size it according to your taste.

Step 6: Squirt a strip of hot glue down your bottom dowel. With your fabric wrong side up, stick the dowel onto your fabric making sure it is level. Repeat with another strip of glue and turn the dowel onto the fabric.

Repeat this step with the top dowel, making sure that the dowel is evenly sticking out on each side.

P1100740 (640x480)

Step 7: Use ribbon, hemp, twine, or yarn. Tie the string to your top dowel in order to hang your banner.

P1100751 (640x480)

Step 8: Hang and enjoy!

P1100747 (480x640) 

P1100750 (480x640)


Tater Tots and Jello also did a Ballard Knock-off inspired by this wall hanging! They used a Silhouette machine. It’s very pretty!