I met Julie a short time ago on Facebook. (There is a huge resource of support groups on Facebook for families who have adopted, who are adopting, and for parenting kids with just about any special need you can imagine.) A mutual friend shared her t-shirt fundraiser with me. I loved it, bought one, and wanted to share it with you. Julie and her family are currently in the trenches of parenting and at the same time they are in the waiting stage to bring home their next child, a little girl with Down syndrome.

I agree with Julie that when you really see the children waiting, everything changes. I hope that in sharing testimonies of many people, including some testimonies of people who have not adopted but are still doing something, that we can inspire more to trust and take a step or a leap of faith.

Technically we began our second adoption even before we traveled for our first one! But I’m quite sure that’s not as uncommon as you think. When we began the process for our daughter Lila, we were so new to the world of adoption.  We had heard the statistics – 153,000,000 orphans in the world – really?  But nothing compares to when you start looking at their faces, when you start seeing them as real little humans, with different personalities, different needs, different gifts. When you start really seeing them for more than just a number it becomes real and just plain overwhelming!  We knew that this was not just one adoption and done, we knew we’d go back.

Through many different circumstances, way too long for this post (you can read more on our blog, What If), God changed the direction we thought we were going.  I had always dreamed about the possibility of adopting a child with Down’s Syndrome, but it was something that my husband wasn’t completely on board with and we never really discussed it in great detail. Now, suddenly, we found ourselves looking at children with DS. I began talking to other moms who had adopted these sweet children and we began considering the possibility.  I learned that one of my husband’s major hesitations was in thinking about the future – who would care for our child when we got old, or when we died?

As we discussed this we began to realize that this issue wasn’t just a Down’s Syndrome issue, we have no guarantees with any of our children! As one friend with a DS daughter put it, “You have to make the decision to trust God with their future……just like with your kids that don’t have DS. I learned when I had [my daughter] that I thought I could somehow control the outcome of my other kids…..hahaha yeah right. God showed me that it was EASIER to trust for [her] than for all of the others.”

So wee prayed and talked some more and prayed some more and spoke to more parents who have been there, done that.  God moved and worked in our hearts and caused us to see that our fears came from not trusting Him.  We needed to trust God to take care of ALL of our children and that if we would simply follow Him, He would bless us in so many ways!

When our caseworker asked me if I had looked a file they had on their Waiting Children list I was immediately drawn to this cute, smiley bundle of pink!  Her advocacy picture was completely adorable and added to that, her advocacy name was the exact name our family had decided on just a month before!

Our Tessa now at 2
yrs old

We received notice of our PA on March 7 and are so excited to add this bundle of joy to our family!  We know there will be a lot to learn, many ups and downs, and many new experiences to deal with but we also know that between the adoption community and the DS community and DS mamas we will have so many resources available too us!  God brought us this far, He certainly will not leave us now!

In celebration of our beautiful daughter and with the help of a super talented budding designer, we have designed a new t-shirt to help in our fundraising journey (you guys all know that the cost of adoption is one of the scariest things – the thing that keeps 90% of people from actually moving forward!).  Would you be willing to help us by buying a t-shirts or 3?  or sharing them with your friends?  Wear them proudly and let the world know that love does not discriminate, love always wins, and we are indeed #theluckyfew!  These are super soft Canvas brand t-shirts, my favorite brand since they are so comfy!

Here they are, The Lucky Few



You can find more details about the shirts and a few answered questions by going to THIS POST.  However, if you just want to jump in and order now, simply fill in THIS ORDER FORM.  Once you submit the form, you will be sent to the confirmation page where there is a link to submit payment.  The t-shirts are $20, with $5 flat rate shipping no matter how many you order
and you have until April 16 to order.

Thanks to Erin for letting me share here, what a blessing to have people jump right in and be willing to help spread the word!  And thank you for reading along, sharing our story and for your purchases!  We pray that God will bless you for caring for one who will soon be an orphan no more!